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31 August 2011

lucky finds

 Today we visited our 'lucky op shop'. We've taken to calling it this because whenever we're looking for something particular, we seem to find it there, and wonderful treasures too. Just look at what I found...

 I bought three beautiful Australian made pure wool blankets for $6. One of the blankets says " make 'goodnight' a certainty" on it's label. Too nice to cut up, they've found a home in the blanket box. Perfect for picnicking, now that picnicking weather is officially here. 

I also found an incredible woven linen table cloth for just $1, a metre of cotton school check for 50c and the sweetest piece of (repro 40s?) cotton covered with hearts and flowers and tiny dancing girls, which was also just 50c.  I can't wait to make something out of that print!

Well, when I took them up to the counter, it came to $9 all up and the eftpos minmum is $10 (oh yes, they eftpos too).  So... the lovely op shop volunteer suggested that we pick two toys out of the bargain bin. And yes, we found Mr Owl and Mr Teddy waiting there, just for us.

What a lucky day we had!

square head dolls

And more quirky loveliness 
from the wonderful world of Etsy...

how gorgeous are these little square heads?! 

Almost too cute for words. They are the fabulous 
work of Quinn Knits and if you're feeling cashed up
you can purchase Mr Sid Square here for  £76.00.

If I had pennies to spare, I would buy Mister square... 

for sure! xox

oh and, take a peek at the Jess Quinn's lovely blog here

30 August 2011


and something else that I'm coveting lately...

these fun and quirky hand painted geometrics by

you can read more about the 'cheater's  collection' of textile designs here

Milk Magazine

issue no.33 out now 

Though we may have to wait a while for it to hit Australian 
magazine stands...  perhaps it's time to subscribe? click here

29 August 2011

pretty little things

Take a peek at the lovely s/s 2011 collection from Olive's friend Pop...
so, so pretty. And yes... it's warming up in the Southern Hemisphere! 

25 August 2011


my apologies for performing a sudden disappearing act

although the endless wonders of the world wide web call

there is much in need of tending in the real world, too.


I have found myself more than busy lately... sorting out the new computer, getting schooling back on track, catching up with friends & creating while allowing time for grieving, preserving the last of winter's fruit and preparing the garden, as Spring has sprung early this year.  

Already the fruit trees are blossoming and the seedlings are yearning to be planted out.  Nature is not to be neglected if we want to see our dreams of self-sufficiency become our reality, and I have been much enjoying the fruits of last Summer's efforts (if you'll pardon the pun!)

The studio re-organisation has taken up considerably more time than anticipated, as has the new computer, but oh the joy of having working technology at my fingertips (and being able to see the wood of my cutting table) again. 

The sun peers in to greet us each day and there will be picnicking in the sunshine, camping in the bush, swimming at the beach, drives in the hills and walks in the parks with friends. 

ah, that magical buzz of Springtime is in the air... xo

3 August 2011

das Puppenhaus

We are slowly getting back to our everyday routine...

image found via The Clutter

The house is looking spik and span, the studio is almost workable,
and I expect the shops to be up and running sometime soon,
though it is hard.  Ari & I miss 'Grandma' terribly in our hearts,
and poor poor Jonathan, it's a terrible thing... losing one's mother.

Beryl was very fond of dollhouse minatures (as am I). 
I loved looking over her sweet little collection and
listening to the stories of how she came by each piece. 

She would have loved the little house above.

There are some more wonderful minatures on this site. Take a peek. 

little folk

print by Beci Orpin

vintage cushion via Etsy

vintage doll via unknown

cushion by Le Train Fantome