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28 July 2012


Also known as Cheburashka or Topple in English Translations.

Here's an episode. It's in two parts.

At the start, the crocodile is singing about what a great
pity it is, that birthdays only happen once a year.



I love the strangeness of these old claymation films and would love 
to have a go at making one of my own.  The colours in this one are 
particularly lovely I think and the characters and sets are very cute! 

It would be a fantastic holiday project to work on with older kids...

26 July 2012

Jess Quinn

A rather lovely new watercolour by Jess Quinn.
I do so love her work and blog.

read a little about my winter days here

17 July 2012

Collage LOVE

While selecting artwork to include in my portfolio, I sifted through a 
vast collection of artworks, sketchbooks and inspiration, that I've held 
onto.  Some of it dated back to my own childhood.  It was so lovely to 
be able to look back and see how my art has developed over my life. 

© Mama and Ari ;)

I've been archiving Ari's artwork too. He's an avid artist, so there's a lot!

Ari and I made this collage back in 2009 and it's one of my favourites.
He really loves that we have kept his works and enjoys looking at them.
And he knows, that we think they are too precious to throw away... xox

13 July 2012


The beautiful work of Nathalie Parain has a timeless quality to it.

I love the simplicity of these designs and the beautiful shades of
blue and red against the parchment used in this 1932 craft book.

You can view all images from this book here (and many other 
wonderful vintage french illustrations) and you can read more
about Nathalie and her designs here (link will need translating).

10 July 2012

a winter wedding

We've just returned from a mid-winter hiatus in Van Diemens Land,
where we attended a wonderful wedding in a lovely winter garden.

It was a really lovely wedding.  All homegrown and handmade.

Guests were asked to bring plates of food rather than gifts and a 
most delectable feast of homemade goodies was bestowed upon 
tables decorated with vintage cloths, tea cup candles and jars of
 dried hydrangea flowers, gathered from the garden last summer
and arranged with brilliant bursts of turquoise peacock feathers.

The pegola had been purpose-built for the occasion by the groom and 
hand-stitched bunting, lovingly crafted (from old books, blankets and
sheets) by the bride and her mother-in-law, was strewn from it's eaves.

The bridal bouquets were made from old buttons and the couple's 
garden was dotted with lace and coloured hand-crocheted flowers.

The bridesmaid dyed her hair turquoise to match the colour theme. 

I had the pleasure of creating the bride's elaborate hairpiece...
my past occupation being costumery and theatrical millinery. 

An Opera Singer... the bride treated us all to a surprise performance 
mid-ceremony when she sang a beautiful love song to the groom and
during the reception a mother/daughter duo belted out old time tunes 
 on a most whimsical hand-crafted electric piano and an old washboard.

Ari, J and I danced up a storm in the beautifully decorated hallway. 

It was one beautiful day in one very beautiful corner of the world.
You can take a closer peek at the hairpiece on my other blog. xox