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27 October 2011

bye-bye blue bird

Today was a very sad day at our house. Our beautiful blue harlequin budgie Loco died. We buried him in the garden outside Ari's window beneath some yellow daisies. We are not particularly religious but Ari told me that he thinks Loco is a little angel bird now and so he wanted
to lay Loco where Loco's spirit could peer in at his bedroom window
and watch him playing... 

so Loco's spirit wouldn't be lonely.

Sadly by the time Loco was noticeably sick it was too late to do much for him.... though I don't think much could have saved him anyway. He had some sort of growth in his abdomen and though we tried our best to nurse him, he died at the animal hospital shortly after it was discovered. 

He lived in our studio with his sweetheart Coo Coo and kept me fine company whilst I worked on my designs, serenading his sweetheart all day long. He had unfortunately lost the sight in one eye during a battle with a hawk. 

One golden afternoon whilst enjoying a little sunshine on the porch as they often did, a hawk had landed on the budgies' cage and grabbed Coo Coo by her wing feathers. Loco jumped to her defence and attacked the hawk's talon fiercely. He survived and even though he lost the sight of his eye, remained a chirpy little fellow right to the end.

He was such a sweet and gallant little bird....

...our own little bluebird of happiness.

I miss him dearly and writing this brings tears to my eyes.

The vet nurse (who also has budgies) suggested we get another bird this weekend. Coo Coo is pining for him terribly and being social creatures, budgies cannot bare life alone. I'd prefer a little time to get used to the idea of 'replacing' our dear little friend, but Coo Coo calls constantly for her mate and I pity her loneliness.

So we shall find her a new friend. Perhaps of a different colour. I think Loco will be the only dear little blue harlequin we'll ever love.

* love is... print from i like pens

24 October 2011

Candy Land

I love candy colours!

swiden found via this wonderful blog

Do you love candy too? 

Take a peek at this treasury I put together the other day...















I just found this wonderful toolIt was developed by Red Row Studio.
It allows you to easily add treasuries to your blog or page. Take a look.

sweet treats 2#

(I think this one's my favourite↑)

Only one of these beautiful vintage dresses is still available... sold!

17 October 2011

The Sushi Pot (& parts)

Two of my all-time favourite Etsy stores!

 I love love love Suzanna Scott's 
She is a very talented lady, and one after my own heart.

I love reading her beautiful blog and was very much moved by this recent interview where she talks about making art, being a mom and home schooling. In fact, home schooling is something 
that I have long considered for my little man, Ari.

Susannah manages to split her time between home schooling her 
daughter, Lizzie, and running her sweet little cottage industry. 

I think it's a truly inspiring way to live and raise a child.

12 October 2011

Sew Busy

Working a lot in the studio since Ari went back to school....

...someone is finding plenty of time for napping though. xo

7 October 2011

At The Show!

We had an absolute ball at this year's Royal Melbourne Show.

Ari scored a free go on the clowns and won a toy truck
(he really works the tailcoat and fedora to his advantage) !

I absolutely loved these colourful pom pom scarves and marionettes 
made by the student entrants in this year's craft section. Wonderful!

This little rooster rather took a fancy to Mister J (who
contemplated sneaking him home in his knapsack) and I found
a fabulous vintage 1940s penguin print at Jen's fabric stall↓

Ari came home with a $12 showbag filled with faux LEGO and has 
been busily building a Metropolis (Metropolis coffee shop pictured below)

and the spring weather was perfectly amicable and lovely
...ah, how I wish that every day could be a holiday!

see more pics of our day at the show here