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31 August 2012

spring flowers

Just a peek at what's on my work table. 

These pretty little flower heads are sitting there, 
each awaiting their turn to be stitched up!

I've been quite busy in my studio this week and I've 
been listening to a lot of Tom Waits whilst I work.

I never tire of listening to his sweet music.

It has been so very, very cold and grey here lately.

One would scarcely believe that nice weather is on
it's way, and yet today, the blossom trees are in full 
bloom and the bulbs are already beginning to flower 

...I guess, as Tom says (courtesy of Garth)
 you can never hold back Spring.

I've been pinning lots of lovely new things too.
The nights have been too cold to do much other 
than sit by the fire and read, stitch or pin things! 

Why don't you take a looksy... xox

24 August 2012


We've had the Flu. Ari's been home all week. In bed. Mostly.
Watching movies, reading books, drawing pictures, practising
his writing. Sleeping and keeping warm. It's been pretty cold.

We had a couple of beautiful sunny weeks this Winter but it's
 quite dismal now. Still, leaves are budding, bulbs are showing,
and blossom is blooming on the fruit trees. Spring is not so far. 

20 August 2012

The shape of me and other stuff...

Strangely enough, we didn't have a copy of this amazing book 
until I ventured into our favourite secondhand bookshop the
other week and spied it in amongst their wonderful collection.

We are huge Dr Seuss fans round here. But then... who isn't?
Ari can read books like this by himself now. How the years fly!

16 August 2012


Beautiful origami inspired designs from Uruguay-based 
kid's label Trommpo.  Their website is wonderful too!

Bobo Choses

I love the designs of Spanish label Bobo Choses

Their Summer range is currently on sale..... great 
for those of us heading towards warmer weather! 

9 August 2012


Sometimes I open my sketchbook and find this...

...steam trains, totem poles and flying machines. ♥

'I Love Mummy' drawing by Ari aged six

6 August 2012

here comes the sun

 I couldn't resist purchasing this lovely thing today... 

It's a 1940s romper/2 pce swimsuit by Catalina. 
The tag reads- 'styled for the stars of Hollywood'. 

Ooh la la!!! 

I can't wait to wear it to the beach this Summer...
the weather's already warming up. Almost Springtime!

There's a cute pattern here to sew your own vintage style 
2 pce suit if you're interested.  It would look lovely in floral.

5 August 2012

Pop Pop Portraits

A lovely little letter arrived in the mail for me this week and
it was written on the back of these super sweet illustrations...

The work of the very talented Helena Randall.

I have known Helena for many, many years and have watched her 
work develop and change, as she has explored different styles and 
mediums. Her art has a wonderful sense of fun and whimsy about it
and her colour choice and line work are just exquisite.

With Pop Pop Portraits Helena has given the art of portraiture a
new and contemporary twist, creating custom portraits of clients 
(and often their pets or kids) in her own unique style of illustration.

Her work was recently featured in Frankie Magazine.  So exciting!

But, as far as creative talents go, portraiture is just the tip of the iceberg
for this clever lady!  I can't wait to see what future projects lie ahead...

You can visit her blog/s here or take a peek at her shop here.