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2 November 2011

halloween, horses, tabby cats and budgies

We found a new little friend for Coo Coo this weekend. We're not sure if we have a girl or boy yet, but Ari named our new baby budgie Winky... 

...because he/she makes very good eye contact ;) Winky is being quarantined (so living in a different room to Coo Coo) but when Coo Coo called for Loco, Winky answered back and Coo Coo seems to be much happier to know there's another little feathered creature in the house. Even if they can't meet just yet. And even though it's not Loco. It makes my heart glad to see Coo Coo happy but I do miss my sweet little fella.

Winky is a beautiful yellow and green Australian Budgerigar.

Well, this weekend was long and busy. Festive with Halloween and long due to the Melbourne Cup Holiday. Personally, I feel a bit sorry for the horses and having spent some years working in the land of Millinery, I always feel rather edgy come Spring Racing (as though I ought to be madly stitching hat brims, trimming fascinators and folding boxes).

Friday night, Ari's school had a Halloween disco, which was great fun, but then we came home to more pet troubles! The cat had to be taken to the vet for a bite abscess, so much of Saturday and Sunday were spent comforting poor Sneaky. That's 7 vet visits for two animals this week. We are SO poor now! Ah, but what can one do? Pets are like children.

Monday we went to see Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone at ACMI. They're playing the whole series there at the moment click here. Unfortunately, we had to leave half-way through because it seems that even when you've seen a movie 20 times at home, Trolls are scary on 'the big screen'. So we spent a lovely afternoon at the Museum and then Ari went trick-or-treating with some friends... which was hilarious fun.

Dolls by Robins Egg Blue (website)

Halloween's not traditionally celebrated as a holiday here so it's always pot luck whether the kids get given any treats or not... last year we took them to Fitzroy and ended up targeting the chocolate shops (yes, it was that bad!) This year we plyed the neighbours with a good supply and had the good-luck to venture upon some festive houses where they'd really gotten into the spirit of the night.  So the kid's had a blast.

Houses by Robins Egg Blue (shop)

Images of bird-dolls and bird-houses found via this blog

I've really had birds on the brain lately and have spent a lot of time talking to Dr Google about budgies, so I thought I'd share a couple of my favourite birdy things with you.

When I visited Alice Springs thirteen odd years ago I happened to find a copy of The Bird Children in a lovely little book shop there. I think they're awfully sweet and would look so wonderful framed in a child's room, with the little bird dolls as companions. Aren't they enchanting?

New editions and other books illustrated by Elizabeth Gordon 
are available from Amazon or you can purchase one of the 
original illustrated book pages to frame from this Etsy store

My own little flock of lovebirds will be flying into the shop when it opens....

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